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Corum Watches Have Unique Styles Like No Other Luxury Brand Name Watch

Author: Joseph Levy

When selecting a luxury brand watch, you will find that there is a lot to choose from with regard to different watchmakers and various styles. Although each luxury watchmaker has something good to offer the watch buying public there are certain manufacturers which stand out in one category or another. Corum luxury watches stand out in that they have unique styles which are present with no other brand of luxury watch. Some of these unique qualities will be highlighted below.

Corum Uses Colors Rarely Seen In Other Brands of Luxury Watches

Although some watch manufacturers will use unique colors with their products, perhaps none stand out more than the color tones seen in Corum luxury watches. This watch producer uses oddly attractive colors such as mustard yellow, magenta and chartreuse to add character to their luxury watches. These unusual colors add a uniqueness factor to the Corum watch and make it desirable for those who are seeking a feature not often seen with other luxury brand watches. The Corum watch producers took the leap to make their watches truly stand out from the crowd.

Unique Embellishments and Watch Motifs

Corum also adds uniqueness to their luxury watches by utilizing various embellishments and motifs not frequently seen with other luxury watch brands. Some of the unique watch dial motifs produced by Corum include bubble features on the numbers and hands of the Bubble XL watch or the red Swiss flag dial of the Bubble XL Swiss flag model. Corum also uses diamonds to produce a unique final result. Although diamonds are often used by other luxury brand watchmakers, the way in which Corum embellishes their watches with this beautiful gemstone makes it unique in its own right.

The Offering of Unisex Watch Models

In addition to using unique color tones to construct their watches and adding flair with different embellishments and motifs, Corum also adds a unique flavor to their watches by offering various unisex watch models. Since many of the luxury watch manufacturers simply produce a man's style of watch or a woman's style of watch, it is nice to see a company that is willing to make a luxury style of watch which is suitable for both sexes. Although one may not think this to be a unique feature, it certainly is when described about a luxury watchmaker.

Unique Shapes of the Watch Face

As opposed to the plain old version of the circular watch face, Corum has designed watches which hurdle over this usual type of watch face by using different shapes to construct the face of the watch. There are a few different Corum watch models which exhibit this type of uniquely shaped watch face. One model is the unisex Trapeze Chronograph which comes in a bright chartreuse tone and is in an uneven square shape, almost like a trapezoid but not quite such.

The Corum women's heart model is another favorite and the perfect anniversary or Valentine's Day gift for the lady in your life. Using unique shapes to craft the watch is just one other great reason why Corum is among the favorites list of luxury brand watchmakers.

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